Skyline Church continues to provide church services during pandemic closures

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Skyline Church in Rancho San Diego is continuing to provide church services amid the pandemic closure.

Pastor Jeremy McGarity of the Skyline Church has remained open because he faith is essential no matter what.

Pastor McGarity explained, “if you have a heart at all, you cannot remain closed as a church and not care for the needs of the people in your community.” McGarity continued they understand the virus, and the media is fearmongering when they report about it.

Pastor McGarity thanked KUSI for being “truth tellers,” as the rest of the media works to scare the public with life or death scenarios.

Furthermore, Skyline Church baptised 54 people last week, a big success, especially during a time like this.

Pastor Jeremy McGarity of the Skyline Church discussed the importance of faith, and remaining open during the pandemic on Good Morning San Diego.

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