Small business owners fear more regulation coming due to Omicron variant

BARRIO LOGAN (KUSI) – Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that the Omicron variant has been confirmed in San Francisco, California.

Health officials at the highest levels in the Biden Administration, and President Biden himself have already called for Americans to go get boosted to protect themselves from the Omicron. But, the Omicron variant is seemingly weaker than past variants, as all cases have been mild.

Furthermore, our elected leaders and health officials are continually telling us the coronavirus is the reason for the massive supply chain issues that have been causing all kinds of problems for business owners across the United States.

Philanzo King owns The DOT Cocktail Lounge in Barrio Logan, has personally experienced issues that have resulted from the supply chain crisis, and doesn’t feel the coronavirus is to blame.

King told KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon on Good Morning San Diego that increased government regulation is causing hardships for small business owners like himself. King explained, “there shouldn’t be a supply shortage on alcohol, but maybe people are drinking to cope with the incompetence of everything going on around them. These shortages are being felt in every aspect of business, now we have to figure out a way to get past this.”

To make matters worse, our elected leaders are informed about the struggles business owners are still dealing with since the pandemic began, but many business owners just don’t feel like the elected leaders care.

King put it simply, “we’re dealing with a situation that is affecting the world, and our local government is out there building bike lanes. I mean come on, let’s have some true understanding of what we’re dealing with.”

Continuing, “government is paying attention to things that will not help rebuild this economy. You are not going to rebuild an economy building bike lanes. You are not going to rebuild an economy trying to re-structure and re-zone other ideals and building more houses, that’s not you know, we have a homeless issue, we have a shortage of product, we have a shortage of people to deliver the product. So can we face those issues first. And it’s the president’s office first, then down is where it starts.”

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