The 8-Man Showdown between Victory Christian Academy and Horizon Prep

The 8-man showdown ended with a victory for Victory Christian Academy Knights  (2-1) over the Horizon Prep Lions (0-2) 56-42.

The Knights were the first team to throw some points on the board. Victory Christian’s Steven Stinson with the 14 yard touchdown run. Larry Oldham runs in the 2 point conversion for the 8-0 lead. Later in the first quarter, Adam White runs 44 yard for a touchdown advancing the score 16-0 after another 2 point conversion. 

Horizon Prep still looking to get on the board and out comes Dennis Huggenberger off the kick return and he runs it all the way in for a touchdown. A 90-yard touchdown to be exact. Victory Christian still in the lead 16-6. 

Later in the second quarter, Adam White again with the 28-yard touchdown run changing the score 24-6. Adam White making plays on both sides of the ball, this time on defense with a huge SAC which lead to a 5 yard touchdown run by Stinson. Later the Lions answer right back. Huggenberger returns the kick all the way to the 40 yard line which soon lead to Huggenberger running the ball in for a 26-yard touchdown. The Lions trying to rank up the points, but the Knights still in the lead 30-12. 

At the half, Victory Christian celebrating their homecoming. The King and Queen were announced at the half. Congratulations to Amaya Artiga and Ben Durkin on homecoming King and Queen.

Later in the third, Horizon Prep itching to get more points. This time Micah Salas to Huggenberger for the 45 yard touchdown pass, 30-18 Victory Christin still in the lead. The Lions immediately answer back on the next play, Stinson again with the 46-yard touchdown run which could possible be a play of the week on the Prep Pigskin Report. 

The scoring just kept going from there and both teams racked up the numbers all the way to 56-42. The Knights take home their second win of the season and Horizon Prep still looking for their first win.

Steven Stinson and Adam White were both the Small School Game of the Week MVP’s. Stinson with 4 touchdowns and White with 3 touchdowns and 2 SACS. 

Horizon Prep will play San Diego Jewish Academy Thursday, September 28 and Victory Christian Academy will San Diego Jewish Academy on October 4th. 

PREVIEW:The Small School Game of the Week in Week 5 of the Prep Pigskin Report is between Horizon Prep Lions (0-1) and Victory Christian Knights (1-1). The first time both of these teams will be featured on the Prep Pigskin Report.

The Small School Game of the Week can also be called the Battle of the New Schools this week. Victory Christian was known as Lutheran and as of last year, they changes their name. In 1998, Lutheran had the highest scoring game in San Diego Section history.

Horizon Prep has a brand new football team. This is the first year they the Lions had a football team and are competing in 8-man football. Head coach Rich Nicolosi coached for about 15 years and now is the first year head coach with the Lions. Coach Nicolosi started the program from ground zero. There was no money, no equipment and at that point, no players, so Nicolosi saw this as a challenge and created the first Lions football team. There are currently 12 players on the team, majority freshman and sophomores, with one junior and three seniors. 

Horizon Prep played in one game so far this season a suffered a tough loss against Borrego Springs 58-14. The Lions are lead by sophomore quarterback and captain Micah Salas and freshman captain MLB Clark Smith. The Lions only have three seniors. Salas looks to WR Dennis Huggenberger to throw the ball and Kasey Bowles for the running game. The Lions are looking for their first win for the season.

One key player to watch out for this season for Victory Christian is RB Steve Stinson who averaged 21.7 yards per kick return and returned an interception for 80 yards for a touch down as a freshman. Other key players to keep an eye on are Josh Carlson (WR-CB), Larry Oldham III (TE-DL), Colton Allen (C-DL) and Adam White (SS).

Don’t miss the Small School Game of the Week at Valhalla. Kickoff is scheduled for 7p.m. on Friday. Check out the highlights and more on KUSI’s 60-minute Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30p.m.

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