SoccerCity announces plans for Mission Valley Entertainment District

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Supporters of SoccerCity have unveiled their vision for an entertainment district in Mission Valley if the measure gets voter approval.

Nick Stone, Project Manager of SoccerCity, and Brian Wahlstrom, President of GigTown, visited the studio to talk more about the proposed development.

The backers of SoccerCity last week unveiled their vision for what will be a vibrant sports-and-entertainment district in Mission Valley featuring a variety of live music options – large and small – with the goal of bringing a mix of Austin, Nashville, and LA Live to San Diego.

As longtime music lovers, the SoccerCity backers see a tremendous opportunity here to transform San Diego’s music scene into one of the best in America. This sports-and-entertainment district is just one of the ways that SoccerCity/Measure E offers something for everyone 365 days a year.

Unlike the SDSU West proposal – which does not include such a district – SoccerCity will activate the site with music venues from the intimate to the concert-size, while attracting more talent here and fostering a thriving music scene in San Diego.

San Diego’s music community is very excited about what this new district means for local musicians and music fans alike,” said Brian Wahlstrom, President of GigTown, a locally based startup with 1,500 San Diego artists represented on its technology platform. “It will certainly take our music scene to the next level.”

The district will also feature a wide variety of unique bars, pubs and restaurants designed and operated by some of the nation’s foremost chefs.

The sports-and-entertainment district would be constructed in conjunction with the new joint-use stadium, which would accommodate as many as 33,500 spectators. The stadium, which would be the new home of a Major League Soccer team and potentially SDSU Football, is expected to open in the spring of 2022.

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