Social Media Marketing World 2018 Conference kicks off in San Diego

Cathy Hackl, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Expert joined Good Morning san Diego to talk about the Social Media Marketing World 2018 conference which kicks off in San Diego Wednesday.

Social Media Marketing World draws 4,500+ marketers to San Diego for their premier live conference.

It is their 6th annual event and it  attracts Marketers, Influencers and Creators who are helping to put San Diego on track to stake its claim as the Silicon Valley of Social Media.

Cathy Hackl is an Emmy-nominated communicator turned virtual reality & augmented reality global speaker, producer and marketing futurist. She’s the author of Marketing New Realities: An Introduction to VR & AR Marketing, Branding & Communications .

She was named by She’s also the creator of the holographic press release. She loves all things mixed reality, tech, AI and blockchain.

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