Soda tax legislation introduced to help fight diabetes in California

SACRAMENTO (KUSI) – Citing the fact that California spends less than any other state on the prevention of diabetes, assemblyman Richard Bloom this week introduced legislation aimed at creating a revenue source to address the impact of diabetes and heart disease.

The legislation, AB 1357, would aim to provide low-income communities with resources aimed at giving them healthier options in their neighborhoods and school environments.

In a statement released by Bloom, AB 1357 would also add a two-cent ‘health impact fee’ on each fluid ounce of sugar sweetened beverages in the state, which would address the health concerns of over-consumption of such drinks.

“We cannot condemn our children to lives burdened with health complications because of over-consumption of sugar and lack of nutritional education,” the statement said.

In addition, the statement said, American’s daily intake of calories has increased by 300 calories over the last 30 years, with sodas and other sugar-flavored drinks accounting for 43 percent of that increase.

The Assembly Health Committee will hear the bill on Tuesday, May 12.

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