Solida Car Club reaches out to community with free Suicide Awareness Event

NATIONAL CITY (KUSI) – Drivers lined up their lowriders at Heart Revolution Church for the Solida Car Club’s Suicide Awareness Event on April 10.

Hundreds of car clubs came out to support the cause, according to Joe Reyna, Treasurer of the Solida Car Club.

“As you already know, suicide awareness is up on the rise here in San Diego because of the pandemic and things like that. So we want to give kids an opportunity, families, to let them know that we are here to help out, we are here for you,” Reyna explained.

Reyna’s cousin Mario, who committed suicide, is the reason the club held the event, which took years to come to fruition.

He added that an array of resources were available at the event, such as a food bank, mental health services, and more.

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