Sombrero Mexican Food

The Sombrero Mexican Food we know today first opened in the summer of 1984, building off the original concept dating back to the late 1960s.

Javier, the CEO and founder, grew up serving authentic Mexican food in his parents original Sombrero located in the college area of San Diego, working in all aspects of the restaurant throughout his youth and into the late 1970s.

After the completion of school and starting a family, Javier jumped at an opportunity to start Sombrero Mexican Food of his own as a quick service restaurant.

By using many of the original authentic recipes, providing dine-in restaurant quality, and quick & friendly customer service, Javier started his dream of creating what Sombrero Mexican Food has become today.

Today, Sombrero Mexican Food consists 18 locations throughout San Diego County and surrounding areas.

Categories: Family Business