Sound the Alarm is part of ongoing Red Cross home fire campaign

To save lives and help end fire tragedies, the Red Cross launched a nationwide Home Fire Campaign in 2014.

Last weekend, they installed more than 1,200 smoke alarms in San Marcos. This weekend they will be installing more smoke alarms in San Ysidro as part of their ongoing campaign.

Every day seven people are killed and another 36 people suffer injuries as a result of home fires.

The vast majority of disasters that the Red Cross responds to are home fires, which can leave families with nothing but the clothes on their backs in a matter of minutes.

For survivors who may have lost everything, a Red Cross volunteer is often among the first on the scene – offering emotional support, helping families find a place to stay and assisting with recovery.

While home fires are the most common disaster in the United States, a new national survey by the Red Cross found that most people are overconfident and underprepared when it comes to home fire safety.

The goal of the campaign is to reduce the number of home fire deaths and injuries. In fact, 416 lives have been saved nationwide through alarms installed by the Red Cross and their partners.

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