Sound Up Full: El Capitan head football coach Ron Burner

Football is a lot of things to a lot of people, but under head coach Ron Burner El cap football is about community. After taking over the program in 2005 coach burner has put a large emphasis On community involvement with his program. During our conversation we talked about some of the things his el cap teams have done through out the years to build on that bond with the community. They started building the trust on their own campus with making sure his players kept the school grounds clean by assigning them lunch time clean up duties, something he said took a minute for players to warm up to but it’s become one of the many things coach burner is proud of.

Inside his office he has a mantra for every year and the one that stuck out to me was hold the rope, which sounds self explanatory but actually has a much deeper meaning which he explained when he told me "who do you want holding the rope, who on the team would you want holding the rope for you, who can you count on ". Regardless of what happens on the field at el cap you will always know the community will be a part of the Ron burner’s plan so much so he opened a restaurant In the lakeside area. That’s a man committed to the community and the people around him. Enjoy the interview.  

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