Sound Up Full: Grossmont head football coach Tom Karlo

It’s not often you find a person so deeply rooted in a school such a Tom Karlo is at Grossmont high school. To give you a little background on coach Karlo his great grandmother attended grossmont high, now if that dosent tell you how all in this foothiller is then nothing will. In my conversation with Coach Karlo we talked about the culture shock of leaving California to attend college in Alabama at the university of Alabama Birmingham. He said it taught him a lot about people "it was different in the way people lived it wasn’t like people hated each other…. But the idea or way of life was just different". To make a transition like that I asked him if it  helped him in coaching as well he said "when you talk to a coach in the south it’s yes sir there was a very obedient way of doing things in the south in terms of football and i learned that work ethic" (from there).

The history he has with the school is a driving force as to why winning at Grossmont is so important to coach Karlo. He encourages his players to be apart of other programs on campus, he’s open to his players playing other sports which is not something you find that often. With his squad sitting at 6-0 it’s not hard to see this wave of momentum continuing atop the hill in Grossmont for coach Karlo and his program.

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