South Bay Game of the Week: Castle Park 31, University City 14

The South Bay Playoff Game of the Week features Castle Park hosting University City. Both teams enter tonight’s contest with seven victories a piece…by the end of the game Castle Park earns its eighth win of the year by a score of 31-14.

In the first quarter versatile Castle Park quarterback Jordan Danielson kicks a 31-yard field goal to give the Trojans the lead. UnUni Cityhen takes the lead when quarterback Drake Aguon throws a nice TD pass to star running back Dominic Lewis. Second quarter, Trojans take the lead when Jordan Danielson throws a flea flicker to Mylik Steen who then airs it out to Adrian Tolbert. Minutes later Danielson hooks up with Steen to make it 17-7 Castle Park.

Third quarter….Elijza Johnson runs it in to make it 24-7 Trojans. But here come the Centurions…Drake Aguon throws to Dominic Lewis for the second such hook-up of the night to make it 24-14 Castle Park.

Jordan Danielson seals the deal for the Trojans with a fourth quarter TD run.

Castle Park will play Bishops next week. Thanks for watching everybody!

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