Southern California Edison given $16.7M fine over San Onofre talks

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Governor Jerry Brown has been drawn into the scandal that’s engulfed the public utilities commission over the shutdown of the San Onofre Power Plant that put ratepayers on the hook for $3.3 billion.

SoCal Edison executives and members of the public utilities commission, or CPUC, cut this deal in Warsaw, Poland to shift the financial burden on ratepayers and never told anybody about it.

There are notes and emails suggesting the governor knew about this from the start.

The Law firm of Aguirre and Severson is seeking 65 emails indicating the governor or his office was in direct contact with PUC officials he appointed, as well as the CEO of SoCal Edison, Ted Craver, all of whom were at the Warsaw meeting.

The PUC has refused to turn over its documents, claiming privilege.

"They’re claiming that the Governor has a privilege not to turn over documents but we’re not seeking them from the Governor we’re seeking them from the CPUC," Aguirre said.

A hearing is set for December 9th to have the governor’s office turn over all communications that would have reached the governor.

"It’s hard to believe that his appointees would have proceeded with such an amazing decision to make ratepayers pay $3.3 billion for something Edison did wrong without getting his permission ahead of time," Aguirre said.

An email sent by Edison’s CEO, Ted Craver to board members said the governor indicated a willingness to say publicly that Edison was acting responsibility.

The Warsaw meeting was to prevent the public from having any say in this side deal to limit Edison’s financial liability.

A PUC administrative judge has fined SoCal Edison $16 million for failing to make public details of the Warsaw meeting, a fine Mr. Aguirre calls a smoke screen.

"They’re letting the wrongdoer keep the money and hoping that people will be fooled by looking, hey, they were fined 16 million dollars, that’s the end of it," he said.

To date, no member of the PUC has been disciplined.

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