Special Report: Actor Richard Dreyfuss says America needs civics lesson

KUSI – Richard Dreyfuss is a patriot and he wants us to fight for our country. 

The actor turned activist is on a mission to teach kids about civics.

Dreyfuss who’s now 66 years old has an impressive body of work, from his acting roles in Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He won an Academy Award for his role in the romantic comedy, The Goodbye Girl.

Today, his opus is the Dreyfuss Initiative. It’s an organization he founded to revive civic awareness and teach our children what they must to keep our country vibrant and strong.

Dreyfuss warns that we could lose America if we don’t turn things around right now.

Freedom and liberty should not be just abstract notions. Dreyfuss says a republic, this democracy requires people to be engaged.

Dreyfuss says our free society requires thinking, common sense and most of all, action.

There is no doubt he’s passionate about this cause.

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