Special Report: Renovations of Belmont Park

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — By this time next year, the most iconic swimming pool in San Diego will have a new life and a new chapter.

“The Plunge is an icon here in San Diego. We’re taking a piece of history and giving it a 2018 twist,” said Steve Thomas, General Manager of Belmont Park.

The Plunge was built in 1925 by San Diego Founding Father John D. Spreckels. At the same time, he also built the Historic roller coaster “The Big Dipper.”

At that time, it was the largest saltwater pool in the world and it was built in two months. It was also the biggest swimming pool on the California coast at the time.

“It’s something the community could rally around. It was the centerpiece of the beach community,” Thomas said.

By Memorial Day of 2019, The Plunge will once again be the centerpiece of the beach community,

“This will be a modern day version. We will have a retractable glass roof, a modern gym with rooftop yoga. You can see the ocean while you’re working out,” said Scott Lutwak, C.E.O of Fit Athletic Clubs. “Everyday I leave my house and people ask me, when will it be done. A lot of people are excited about this.”

The whole area of Belmont Park has been transformed over the past two decades. It was closed down in the late 80’s and almost torn down. But a group of locals stepped in. Now it’s one of the most popular destinations in all of San Diego.

When The Plunge reopens in 2019, it will no longer be salt water and the Gothic Architecture has been replaced by modern lines. But The Plunge will live another life.

One hundred years from now, people will still be saying, “hey, I learned how to swim a The Plunge” Just like they did, almost 100 years ago.

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