Spoiler alert, ‘Jeopardy!’ fans: Could Holzhauer lose?

NEW YORK (AP) — Spoiler alert, “Jeopardy!” fans. James Holzhauer may not be invincible after all.

A one-minute video circulating online appears to show the 32-time champion of the game show losing for the first time. “Jeopardy!” officials did not immediately respond Monday to questions about its authenticity, and there was no indication in the clip about when Holzhauer’s apparent defeat would air.

Through Friday’s show, Holzhauer had earned $2.46 million and appeared poised to beat Ken Jennings’ all-time earnings record.

The sports gambler from Las Vegas has been racking up winnings at a never-before-seen pace on the popular game show hosted by Alex Trebek, nearly doubling the previous standard for single-day earnings.

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