St. Augustine Saints 41, Otay Ranch Mustangs 14

Saints take down mustangs 

This game was set to be a battle between two running backs, Saint Augustine’s Elijah Preston and Otay Ranch’s Samuel Stevens. And that’s almost how it played out, the games was a battle between two running backs they just so happen to be wearing the same jersey. Behind a mountain of an offensive Elijah Preston and fellow backfield mate Francosie Sims took turns making the Otay Ranch defenders look lost trying to tackle the two backs. The two combined for six touchdowns and over three hundred yards on the ground.

Now normally when two guys put together a ground attack like the saints did Friday night that’s the story of the game, but not in this one. The defensive front seven for Saint Augustine where just as impressive as the offensive backfield. They completely destroyed the mustangs ground game by constantly beating the offensive line off the ball time and time again. The group didn’t allow a score until late in the second quarter, after a special teams mistake turned the ball over to the Mustangs who scored on a pretty fade pass by quarterback Arturo Saenz. That lone second quarter score would be the only highlight for the Mustangs as the Saints defense turned up the heat even more. 

This game got a little ugly in the third quarter after some unsportsmanlike penalties by both sides. That was capped off by a coach on the sidelines for Otay Ranch that looked to have taken a shot a saints player as he was knocked out of bounds. This got the Saint Augustine sideline in an uproar, that had Saints head coach Richard Sanchez all the way out to midfield trying to find out what happen. After another unsportsmanlike penalty both teams were called to their respective sidelines and each coach spoke to their team and the rest of the game was played out clean. 

This was a showcase on both sides of the ball for the Saints who win it easily 41-14. 


It’s that time of the year where we announce the list of names for our annual Oscar award our version of the Grammy the PPR’s heisman award. The Silver Pigskin watch list has been released and this may come as no shock to many that St. Augustine running back Elijah Preston is on the list. He will lead the Saints into a battle of the backfields this week against Samuel Stevens and  Otay Ranch. 
The Saints are coming off a tough loss to Loyola, a team from Los Angeles and are looking to get back on their feet. Otay Ranch on the other hand will be looking to carry the momentum they had in last weeks game into this one after crushing mount Miguel 28-0. Both teams have identical records of 2-1 going into Friday, both teams suffered loses in close games with a combined loss total of four points.
This game will come down to who can run the ball effectively and make the least amount of mistakes. It will be Saints versus Mustangs, Preston versus Stevens. This is a match up I wouldn’t want to miss.

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