St. Paul raccoon reaches roof after scaling downtown tower

Photo credit: Evan Frost | MPR News

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (KUSI) — A raccoon that became an internet sensation by scaling a 25-story office tower in downtown St. Paul was safely trapped early Wednesday, and animal control officials were preparing to release it back into the wild.

Chelsey DeMers, assistant general manager of Wildlife Management Services, said the raccoon was caught in a live trap baited with cat food on top of UBS Plaza before dawn Wednesday. Wildlife Management Services provides animal control services for St. Paul.

DeMers said the raccoon was in good condition and able to eat.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, the furry creature began his climb Monday after people spotted him on the wall of the Town Square building at 7th and Cedar Streets in St. Paul.

From the 23rd floor: Raccoon scales St. Paul skyscraper

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Posted by MPR News on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Building maintenance personnel rigged up a 20-foot length of lumber, hoping the raccoon could use it as a post to climb back down, according to MPR News. But instead of taking the escape, the critter fled along the side of the building, scaled the building at the corner of 7th and Cedar streets and then started scaling the office tower, reaching the 23rd floor.

The raccoon’s adventures caused a stir on social media as it scaled the tower Tuesday, with many Twitter users voicing concern for its safety or joking about the drama as its climb was livestreamed by several broadcasters. The animal made it to the roof early Wednesday, where the baited traps were waiting.

Nearby Minnesota Public Radio, which broke the story and closely followed the raccoon’s climb from its headquarters less than a block away, branded the animal #mprraccoon.

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