Stability Ball Belly Buster Workout with Cindy Whitmarsh

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Cindy Whitmarsh is back with more health and fitness tips!

Exercise ball belly buster!

(Repeat each exercise 20/30 reps 2/3 times!)

1. V chops
2. Russian twists
3. Kneeling roll outs
4. Plank circles
5. Running man
6. Oblique knee tucks
7. Overhead V up toe taps
8. Sit up and punch

Cindy’s nutrition tips of the week!
Portion control is the key! When going out to eat, eat half of your meal and take the other half home for leftovers the next day.

Research has shown that most restaurants main dinner dish with a side is roughly around 1300 cal or more. That’s with no drink, appetizer or a dessert. If you are someone looking to lose weight or actually just be healthier in general, that’s too much especially at dinner time when you don’t need the heaviest meal of the day! As a bonus, it will save you money as well to keep the other half for lunch or dinner the next day!

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