Stadium Impasse: City calls Spanos an ‘unwilling partner’ during negotiations

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The stadium talks collapsed this week with city officials calling Dean Spanos an unwilling partner who simply dismisses the city’s plan to get a stadium without proposing alternatives.

Mayor Faulconer said the city and county have met every demand the team has made, but the response was to walk away from the talks.

So the city will go directly to the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, to communicate San Diego’s good faith efforts to keep the team in San Diego.

The last negotiating session was Tuesday.

Ron Roberts came away feeling a consensus was building.

Then came word that the Spanos negotiating team would not return to the table.

By Friday, on Good Morning San Diego, Roberts was back on his game.

“I was extremely disappointed, I mean, we had on Tuesday what I thought was really a good meeting, then I find out within two hours after that that everything had collapsed again,” he said.

At the meeting, city negotiators emphasized the resources the city and county were bringing to bear on getting a stadium built.

“We are having a very good dialogue with their consultants and I think we’re going to come to a conclusion,” said Chief Negotiator Chris Melvin.

Nobody expected that conclusion to be the talks collapsing over an environmental issue that the city’s expert on environmental law said could be overcome.

“We’ve asked him to come in and be involved with this, we’ve had him review everything we proposed, have made suggestions to us, how do we tighten this up. There is very little risk in this for the Chargers because we have to complete an environmental report by October, if we didn’t do it they could walk on us,” Roberts said.

Mission Valley is in Council member Scott Sherman’s district. He also saw an unwilling partner at the table and called for negotiations to resume.

“But if they want to come back to the table that door is open, all you have to do is walk through it:55 come on in, put some ideas on the table yourself, tell us what you don’t like about the plan and what you do like about the plan and lets work together,” Sherman said.

At his news conference on Tuesday, Mayor Faulconer also appeared to Spanos to become a willing partner.

“It’s time for Chargers ownership to show San Diegan’s that they want to remain in their home town,” Mayor Faulconer said.

Ron Roberts remains optimistic despite the talks breaking down. He’s not one to waste time on the past. He’s look ahead.

“You look at it, you put it in perspective, set back, but you’ve got look ahead, I mean, if you keep looking backwards you could be depressed,” he said.

Team Spanos may stop, but the city is moving ahead, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete an environmental impact report so an election on the stadium issue can be held this year.

There is always the chance the NFL could postpone any time going to Los Angeles in 2016. That would give the city and the team more time to work a deal.

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