Stadium Watch: A 50/50 stadium partnership?

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Last week an effort was made to break the impasse over which team or teams get to go to L.A. For the 2016 season.

Rams Owner Stan Kroenke has proposed a 50/50 partnership with either the Chargers or the Raiders in Inglewood.

The Chargers are said to be the likely team and this was a hot topic at the NFL owners meeting in Dallas.

Both the Chargers and the Rams have enough votes to block each other from moving, which blew up the league’s plan to get to L.A. without another delay.

This could make it easier for the league to set a date for a vote which Commissioner Roger Goodell would like to have in January or right after the Super Bowl.

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But it’s a long way from a done deal.

The Chargers already have a partnership with the Raiders in Carson and Dean Spanos rejected an earlier from Kroenke to be a tenant in Inglewood.

Kroenke’s letter, sent to the L.A. Committee, is for the stadium only and would required Spanos to take on stadium debt while surrounding development would be exclusive to Kroenke.

At least we have something new, facts on pa rather than the speculation that’s been going on for months.

"There’s been so much going on with this, and I believe that’s what the league wanted originally was Dean getting together with Kroenke and make a deal," said Jim Steeg, a member of the Mayor’s Stadium Task Force.

Steeg said a deal with Kroenke won’t be easy, likening it to the Jets and Giants sharing a stadium.

"That relationship between the Jets and Giants was contentious all the way through because the Jets were a tenant which could be construed as Giants Stadium," Steeg said.

But they worked out a 50/50 partnership sharing the revenue equally. Can the same happen in Inglewood?

"it’s gonna take some swallowing of pride, and its gonna be difficult to put together but In think that that’s the one thing the Commissioner can have, remember this is part of his legacy, his legacy tarnished over the last couple of years," Steeg said.

Commission Rodger Goodell had this to say at the close of the owners meeting: 

"Stan has always had an alternative that they would be a tenant. last last week, Friday we got a letter that he was willing to propose an equity ownership, a 50/50 ownership in the stadium."

The L.A. committee earlier requested that Kroenke consider a second team, but not as a tenant.

Kroenke accepted and his letter was to ease concerns about Dean Spanos joining him in Inglewood.

The success or failure of a deal depends on Dean Spanos’ willingness to reconsider Inglewood as a 50/50 partnership rather than a tenant.

One would think Spanos wants a share of development revenue as well as game day revenue.

While some are reporting there’s a zero change the Chargers will partner with Rams, the Chargers initial response is, "We already have a great partner in the Raiders and the bets available site for professional football in the L.A. region."

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