Stadium Watch: Costs beginning to mount

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The city is moving full speed ahead on an environmental impact report for its Chargers stadium proposal and the costs are beginning to mount.

Next Tuesday, city officials will ask the city council to approve $2.1 million to complete this report which will be returned to the council for final approval in October. 

It's been said there would be no general fund money for a Chargers stadium, but when the numbers are added up, there is already over $100 million in the plan.

$121 million of general fund money for stadium construction
$2.1 million for consultants to complete the environmental impact report
$250 thousand for consultants to help negotiate a deal

These contracts could be extended before all is said and done.

But it's the fast tracking of the environmental report that caused the Spanos negotiating team to break of negotiations. 

Spokesman Mark Fabiani saying the environmental report will not survive a court challenge and puts the franchise in jeopardy. It's no different than the illegal convention center tax that cost taxpayers $10 million and wasted time.

On Good Morning San Diego, Supervisor Ron Roberts said the city is on solid legal footing.

Roberts said the city has stayed within the time-frame set by the NFL.

"Work on the environmental impact report has continued. We know that we can make the schedule, if they want to have an election at the end of the year we can show them we can do that," he said.

The vote is set for January.

The city wants to give the NFL positive news when league officials come to town in a couple of weeks.

"I think its gonna be very hard for us to make progress, and its kind of frustrating cause we're ready, we want to sit down, want to negotiate a fair deal," Roberts said. "We want to show them we've got a financial proposal, we can go over that with them, we've got all the pieces here but we need a partner to do this dance with and that's what we're missing."

Roberts sees an inner game going on that the city is not a party to that may have led to demands and remarks that got personal. 

"It's hard, I mean there have been some inexcusable things that have been said, I would just say Mayor Faulconer has done an incredible job, and he's keeping his patience in spite of being called a whole lot of different things," Roberts said.

Despite the demands, Roberts said San Diego will not empty its wallet and put everything imaginable on the table. 

On July 15 at Qualcomm Stadium, San Diegan's will have a chance to voice their concerns or support for how this whole stadium issue has been handled. 


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