Stadium Watch: Financing Plan

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – In the Stadium Watch report, a USA Today article strongly suggested the Chargers will follow other major league teams that have left San Diego.

It also suggests San Diegan’s care less about spectator sports than other big cities and there may not be enough public pressure to keep the team.

Much of this has to do with only 1 in 4 San Diegan’s being natives, where the reverse is true where teams have ticket holders going back generations and are beloved by their cities.

“Without that kind of deep core and fanaticism, it’s hard to sell personal seat licenses. It’s hard to get sponsors, and naming rights corporations to pony up 10’s of millions of dollars,” said Erik Bruvold of National University.

Bruvold said one problem with fashioning a deal is San Diego not having enough of the types of business corporations prone to spending on luxury boxes and sponsorships.

They spend on innovation, technologies and research.

“I think that adds some challenges to San Diego sports franchises and I think that’s much more a logical explanation for why they’re challenged then the fact that we have sunny weather nice beaches,” said Mayor Faulconer.

The Mayor’s Stadium Advisory Committee promises a plan that will set the framework for negotiations, something that will not be rejected outright.

“I think we’re going to get some information out by the end of May and that’s going to be helpful for the public to get the contours of a deal if there’s a deal to be had,” the mayor said.

What do we look for?

“What are the pots of money that are going to be looked at? Who’s at risk if those pots of money don’t materialize, and different people will be at different risk,” said the Mayor. “Does it provide the kind of revenue that we need which is about $1 billion? For the first time in this discussion, we’re going to have very real numbers attached to a real plan and that gives us our best opportunity for success.”

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