Stadium Watch: San Diego not invited to NFL meeting in New York City

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It was a presentation that some said was pivotal for keeping the Chargers in San Diego.

Local leaders are taking their stadium plan directly to the NFL owners meeting.

But now, the city is no longer invited. 

For several months, both the Mayor and Supervisor Ron Roberts have said they will present the City’s plan to keep the team at the October meeting in New York, but the NFL and Spanos team spokesman Mark Fabiani said the city has not been invited.

The L.A. Times Sam Farmer has reported that there’s been push back from the teams about having cities present at the October meeting with the rationale that it could further inflame tensions between the three cities and their teams.

Fabiani said in an email: At this pint, the city is not invited to present at the October full owners meeting.

A little later, the Mayor officer responded.

"We are still working out the details with the NFL," indicating the city would be attending. 

Then Tuesday morning, the NFL confirmed that neither San Diego nor St. Louis had been invited.

But both cities will making presentations to the L.A. Committee on opportunities.

The league feels this will provide more detailed information to the 32 owners prior to them voting on whether to delay relocation.

The leagues wants to hear from San Diego and has encouraged the city to continue its effort.

San Diego remains focused on the league, rather than the team, as the key to moving forward.

In the weeks ahead, the league will be conducting a series of town hall meetings in San Diego, St. Louis and Oakland.

It wants to gauge the level of fan support and the Chargers with upwards of 56,000 season ticket holders should be persuasive.

The NFL has said fan support is critical.

While San Diego is still under pressure, so is the league to come up with an L.A. solution. 

Pressure because it’s the first time in 20 years that there are stadium proposals that actually have teams attached to them and they’re willing to build their own stadium.

That has never happened before.

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