Stadium Watch: Should voters approve a financing plan?

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – In the coming week, negotiations will being between the Chargers and the city to agree on a financing plan for a new stadium.

With or without the Chargers blessing, the Mayor has said this will go to the voters.

The question is when.

It’s a very important question given the NFL is fast-tracking the effort to get a team or teams in L.A. next year where two stadium proposals are in the works, including one by the Chargers and Raiders.

Assuming a successful negotiation, the agreement will end up an an initiative before the voters.

Here’s the process from the city’s election calendar:

-the initiative has to be drafted, vetted and filed by September.

-then three weeks of public notice must be given before signature gathering can begin.

-66,447 valid signatures need to be collected.

-the registrar then has 30 days to verify the signatures.

-the initiative has to get to city council by September for council to complete its work and send it to the voters in April.

This time frame squeezes the registrar who, in September, has to begin preparing for the June primary.

It also compresses the time for negotiations, but going to the voters avoids triggering an environmental review process that could take 18 months.

The NFL’s Relocation Executive, Eric Grubman, recently warned the city that waiting until June is too late if, as expected, a team or teams file for relocation this fall.

Were that to be the Chargers, the team would likely trigger its out-clause in February if negotiations fail.

“when clubs have spent years trying to get something done and have reached that point in time where they explore their alternatives whether Los Angeles or any other market and that exploration provides something that they can actually go do then what happens is the time frame gets defined,” Grubman said.

Defined by the NFL either to pressure the city or to help the Chargers get to L.A.

It’s all dependent on a successful negotiation that has to begin soon.

Since the county is also contributing money, if those funds come out of the county general fund, that could trigger a separate election, which is probably avoided by the contribution coming out of reserves.

The Mayor has suggested the talks begin June 1. The Chargers are still reviewing what the Task Force has recommended and have yet to say when the team is prepared to negotiate.

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