State Controller candidate Lanhee Chen blasts opponent for close relationship with Newsom

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Lanhee Chen, a candidate for CA State Controller, calls out his opponent Malia Cohen on her conflict of interest with California State Legislators in a recent campaign video.

Malia has close,  “friendly professional relationships”  with California heads like Governor Newsom that span decades.

A State Controller is the chief fiscal officer of California and is responsible for accountability and disbursement of the state’s financial resources.

The State Controller is supposed to perform independent audits of government agencies that spend state funds.

Chen believes that Malia Cohen would have a conflict of interest in staying completely independent from California heads.

When Cohen was asked how she would handle audits regarding her “friendly professional relationships” she simply said, “I don’t know”.

The video highlights comments made by Controller candidate Malia Cohen in a recent media interview, which call into question her ability to be an effective and independent watchdog for California’s taxpayers.

Lanhee Chen tweeted out on Aug. 2:

“Yesterday, I sent Malia Cohen a request to join me for a series of debates. Californians deserve to hear from both of us directly about where we stand on issues facing the next State Controller. I hope she will join me.”

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