State of the County

In San Diego County, one segment of the population is growing faster than any other.

“By 20-30, the number of people who are at least 75 years old is expected to triple,” says County Supervisor Dianne Jacob

Meeting the needs of aging San Diegans is a primary focus.

County Supervisor and Board Chair Dianne Jacob announced two brand new initiatives.

One is called the “Alzheimer's Project,” a task force that brings advocates for patients, as well as caregivers and medical researchers together to find ways to cope with and combat the disease.

“More than 60,000 people in San Diego are affected by Alzheimer's disease today,” adds Mary Ball from the Alzheimer's Association.

County supervisor Dave Roberts says much of the effort will focus on funding.

The county supervisors also vow to look more closely into oversight of homes that care for the elderly.

Lynnetta Devereaux is one of those ombudsmen who agrees that the county needs to restore state budget cuts in the program and put more eyes and ears in the field. “It's serious. People are dying and facilities are being fined $90 or $100, it's serious,” says Devereaux.

Other facets would involve the Office of District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. Who are setting up a special prosecution crack down on care facilities that violate the law.

A third proposal would help families to choose a quality establishing a kind of seal or rating system.

A system to guide families to the good ones or at least how to help avoid the bad ones.

Both proposals for stricter oversight of assisted living facilities and creating the task force on Alzheimer 's disease will be moving forward in the next few weeks.

Jacob ended her speech with an acknowledgment and a plea.

The challenges tied to aging are grave ones, she says. And now, right now is the time to act.


Sasha Foo

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