State Sen. Brian Jones: “Our ultimate supreme ruler” is letting us get somewhat back to normal

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It is finally the day everyone has been waiting for, June 15, 2021.

Governor Gavin Newsom is finally lifting his statewide COVID restrictions, which were so disliked that around 2 million people signed a petition to recall him.

Thousands of business permanently closed and millions of people lost their jobs, all in the name of public health. But when we looked to most other parts of the country, we can see that a reopening was possible long ago.

And here in San Diego, County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher stood by Newsom at every turn, never once criticizing him for his overreaching lockdowns and other restrictions.

KUSI News spoke with many small business owners over the last year and a half, and most were hesitant to speak on camera out of fear Supervisor Fletcher and San Diego County would punish them with a cease-and-desist letter. This happened to at least two business we spoke with on Good Evening San Diego; Rudford’s Restaurant and The Village SD.

Despite the reopening celebration, Californians will still be forced to wear masks in certain situations. It is unclear why California leaders are refusing to follow the science, and lift the mask mandates, especially for the generation with the lowest risk to COVID-19.

For example, all K-12 students in California are still being forced to wear masks at school while inside.

State Sen. Brian Jones joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego to discuss “the proclamation by our ultimate supreme ruler that we get to go back to work.”

Jones was obviously referring to Governor Gavin Newsom, who is now allowing Californians to return to a somewhat normal life.

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