State Senate District 38 Race: Matt Gunderson says Blakespear refuses to take responsibility for SANDAG

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Matt Gunderson is running for California’s 38th State Senate District aiming to be a bipartisan problem solver, working with everyone to solve challenges including affordability, homelessness, crime, ensuring local control, and maintaining our quality of life.

The current 38th district covers much of inland San Diego County, and is represented by Republican State Senator Brian Jones. In 2022, Brian Jones will be campaigning for the 40th State Senate District.

Gunderson is running as a Republican, against Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear, a Democrat.

Gunderson believes Blakespear is far too left in terms of political ideology, and hopes to bring his successful business background to

Blakespear is also the Chair of SANDAG, and was responsible for the wild and reckless abuse of taxpayer dollars, as an audit found SANDAG leaders to regularly buy lavish filet mignon dinners, and use the taxpayer funded credit card.

Blakespear was never held accountable for her failure to lead this government agency, but she implemented “stricter” regulations in regards to allowing people to sue taxpayer dollars.

Gunderson wants to use California’s budget surplus to make the state more affordable, and push a middle class tax cut. Gunderson questions why California Democrats are always in favor of and passing new tax hikes, as he points out that tax hikes obviously increase the cost of living.

Furthermore, Gunderson explained that Blakespear is hiding behind all of SANDAG’s policies, refusing to hold herself responsible for any of the activities of SANDAG, “to the point she even eliminates it from her political propaganda.”

In regards to the highly unpopular proposed mileage tax, Gunderson says, “the reality is, they’re trying to charge San Diego County residents four cents for every mile they drive their car… and in typical political fashion, she says I don’t support it.” Gunderson emphasized that Blakespear voted for the bill with the mileage tax included.

The Democats campaigning for election in 2022 want to make abortion their top issue, but Gunderson says he is a pro-choice Republican. Gunderson still believes the “abortion on-demand” position taken by Blakespear, is not what the voters support. He noted he does not support partial birth abortion or late-term abortion.

Gunderson joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes to discuss his candidacy, and urge voters for their support Tuesday on Good Evening San Diego.

KUSI has regularly reached out to Catherine Blakespear to appear on KUSI, but she has refused ever since our coverage on the SANDAG audit.

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