State Senator Brian Jones blasts Governor Newsom’s $1 billion deal with Chinese mask company

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – California Governor Gavin Newsom’s one billion dollar mask deal with a Chinese company was the focus of a new AP report.

AP wrote, “California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s announcement was audacious: On a national news show, he said the state had just inked a deal to buy 200 million masks monthly, a massive haul amid the international scramble for protective gear needed in the fight against the coronavirus. “As a nation-state, with the capacity to write a check for hundreds of millions, no billions, of dollars, we’re in a position to do something bold and big,” Newsom told reporters the next day. The announcement surprised many state lawmakers, and California took the unusual step of paying half the cost up front. One week later, details of the $1 billion deal with Chinese company BYD are limited — the contract has not been made public, though Newsom’s emergency services director said it would be soon.”

$1 billion for 200 masks? Newsom’s California taxpayer funded deal was quickly criticized by elected officials, California residents, and people across the country.

California State Senator Brian Jones joined KUSI News via Skype to discuss Newsom’s deal, and suggest what he believes what should have been differently.

Jones also discussed his recent opinion editorial where he made the case for American’s rights to be restored amid the coronavirus lockdowns.

You can read State Senator Brian Jones’ op-ed here.


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