State senators want CA to divest itself of all Donald Trump ties

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Should the state of California try to limit free speech?

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has angered a lot of people with his comments about illegal immigrants.

Calling some of them rapists and drug addicts, Trump admonished the U.S. for letting illegal immigrants into the county with its lax immigration policy.

On Thursday, a group of California state lawmakers, including San Diego Senator Marty Block, introduced a resolution blasting the Republican presidential hopeful.

It does not have the force of law, but it asks the state to cut all business ties with Trump-affiliated companies.

It also encourages private companies and individuals to do the same. 

Senator Block had this passionate plea:

"I call on my Republican friends , reject this racism, reject this xenophobia, reject Donald Trump. I call upon the leaders of the Senate and the Assembly here in Sacramento, the Republican leaders to stand up to Donald Trump. I challenge the other Presidential candidates who are running on the republican side to stand up to Donald Trump. Let him know that this is not the way the Americans feel, the leaders of America feel. I stand with my colleagues here against Donald Trump and agree that we need to dump Trump."

Senator Block had this to say about free speech:

"Today's call for California's divestment from Donald Trump's business enterprises reflects how reprehensible and divisive his statements are. He is free to speak whatever foolishness he wants. Others are free to speak out against his language of hate and disassociate themselves from a man who would turn the clock back on America's progress toward embracing diversity and the contributions of our immigrants."

It is still unclear whether this resolution will be put before the full California State Senate for a vote. 

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