Staying physically & emotionally healthy while coping with social distancing

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Medical and wellness professionals say it is important to stay emotionally healthy while practicing social distancing.

Dr. Alissa Speziale, Gastroenterology and Chief Wellness Officer, at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group was on Good Morning San Diego Thursday to review some of the tenets of the medical group’s “Be Well” initiative as they can help boost immunity:

1.            Healthful Eating – Eat real food-may have limited resources but high fiber, rainbow of fruits and vegetables, beans, and hydrate; use delivery resources: Amazon, Vons, Imperfect Foods.
2.            Exercise – Move 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week,  discuss options online or on phone since many city facilities/parks are closed, still ok to walk outside; Peliton 90 day free trial, local gyms virtual workout
3.            Meaningful Relationships – Connect daily with others-free Zoom meetings, FaceTime, etc.
4.            Manage Stress – Breathe and be mindful, set realistic expectations, don’t use alcohol or smoking as a crutch.  Limit media exposure.  Examples: watch funny videos, read, listen to music.
5.            Sleep – Sleep for 7-9 hours; good sleep hygiene – use wind down ritual with journal, read, no screen time.

To enroll in the free Sharp Rees-Stealy “Be Well” texting program, text BE WELL to: 631-41.

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