Steele Canyon 20, Grossmont 14

It was a very close and shakey game for the Grossmont Foothillers but they were unable to pull the win as they lost by a touch down to Steele Canyon, final score was 20-14.

In the third, as they open the game back up from half time, Steele Canyon’s Pierre Alexander ran the ball 55 yards for a touch down making the score 20-0. They were able to get an interception from Grossmont’s quarterback, Calvin Farris, and they tried to score again but fell short. Little did they know that their last touch down was their final touch down of the night, and they let the Foothillers catch up to them! Grossmont quarterback Calvin Farris at the 1 yard line decides to keep it and run it in putting their first points on the board of the night with only 2 minutes left in the third, 20-7 Steele Canyon. To open up the forth quarter the Foothillers intercepted Steele Canyon’s quarterback Dominick Wood-Anderson, which eventually helped them get another touch down. Calvin Farris connected with Khaleed Davis and Davis runs the ball 20 yards after the 10 yard reception from Farris, putting them up to 14 against the Cougars. With 30 seconds left in the fourth Farris was scrambling trying to find a open man but failed as the clock ran out and he threw the ball out of bounds on the fourth down, Cougars automatically win. Grossmont is now 3-4 while Steele Canyon goes up to 6-1.

Categories: PPR Week 8