Steele Canyon 38, Otay Ranch 16

It was a stunning evening in San Diego’s gorgeous chaparral! The vibe at Steele Canyon High school was electric for homecoming night. Students, family, and community came out to represent their school spirit and pride.

The Cougars came out on fire! On the third play from scrimmage, #6 QB Dominick Wood-Anderson delivered a 20 yard laser pass to #8 WR Derek Tyler and he took it to the house for a 57 yard touchdown. Wood-Anderson followed up in the 2nd quarter with a 48 yard TD hook up with #11 WR Javante Wofford. The Cougars swagger was evident less than one minute into this game.

Otay Ranch came out trying to establish the run early. Running backs #10 Dorsey Furlow and #2 Sam Stephens lead the charge out of a power run formation, but weren’t able to bust through the Cougars defensive front.

#14 QB Oscar Limon won the start for the Mustangs. He put the ball on the ground and had a few long scampers with one close to 20 yards. Limon was unable to get anything going through the air, most in part to not having enough time. Cougars #55 Linebacker Edward Delgado played ferociously! He blew up the offensive line and put Limon on his back for two first quarter sacks.

The Mustangs could not get anything going, while the Cougars were able to put up four scores in the first half. Steele Canyon played well balanced football winning the offensive, defensive, and special team battles. At halftime the score was 19-0, with 2 passing TD’s and 2 30 yard field goals.

Otay Ranch made a change at the quarterback position going into the second half. #3 QB Arturo Sanchez made an instant difference, orchestrating two scoring drives through the air. One resulted in a field goal and the other was a beautiful 26 yard strike to #24 WR Adrian Rodriguez.

While the Mustangs put some points on the board in the second half, the Cougars continued to dominate both sides of the ball. Cougars #10 DB Ny Johnson picked off a pass and ran it back 35 yards for a touchdown. Steele Canyon running back Pierre Alexander but the icing on the cake with a 71 yard touchdown run.

Steele Canyon Cougars stay undefeated and continue to build their resume as the top San Diego High School football program. While the Otay Ranch Mustangs started their season 3 – 0, they have suffered two consecutive losses. The Cougars have been pummeling every team they play this season and look to make a Championship run!

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