Steele Canyon “Candymen”: From the Football Field to the Dance Floor

How do you fill an entire high school gym on a Wednesday night without having a single ball drop on the parquet floor?

At Steele Canyon, as well as several place across the Grossmont District spectrum, just record some voices, find your dancing shoes and turn up the sound.

The sound of airbands – something that 40 years ago was one student pantomiming a guitar has turned into the greatest of spectacles.

Would you believe the most dominant squad in the history of quasi-musicals happens to double as a haven for football players?

It’s true. They are the Candy Men, and each year around half of their squad includes folks from Scott Longerbone’s unit.

We’re not talking scrubs, either. Team captains, all league selections and student-athlete spotlight honorees have put on the short shorts and sung – or should I say, lip-synched – their hearts out in front of the student body.

"Most people don’t expect football players going around dancing in short shorts," cornerback Anthony Howard said. "I consider myself a goofy person, so it fit my demeanor."

"[When we first started] we had to bribe them with food," airbands czar Chelsea Yoshinaga said. "Now in the hallways, it’s like, ‘Hey, it’s a Candy man!’"

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