Review: Steele Canyon Cougars vs. Rancho Buena Vista Longhorns

Steele Canyon Cougars at Rancho Buena Vista Longhorns

Review:  The game this evening was a pleasant surprise. . . It kept me on the edge of my seat right till the very end.

The tone was set when Rancho Buena Vista fumbled the ball inside the ten yard line the first several minutes of the game and Anthony Howard of Steel Canyon picked the ball up and ran 90 yards for the Cougars first touch down making the game 10/0 Steele Canyon.

Longhorn Dominic Taylor ran and ran and ran again tonight.  During the first quarter he made first down after first down.  He scored three touchdowns during the course of the evening.  

Steele Canyon was first to score then RBV would counter, then RBV would give up the ball and it would start all over again.

The big plays continued and the scoring racked up the second half.  Taylor Honore picked up a Cougar fumble took it the first 47 yards  then we got to watch Dominic Taylor score with a nice 46 yard run 10/9 Steele Canyon.  Not for lack of trying neither team could score a two point conversion.

Later in the third quarter Thomas Fishburne connected with Pierre Alexander on a nice running play for a TD making the score 17/9 Steele Canyon. 

Junior Perez came back with a 45 yard kick off return but RBV handed the ball back to the Cougars.

The fourth quarter was for big plays.  Pierre Alexander 67 yard run for a touchdown 23/18 Steele Canyon.  Dominic Taylor’s third TD 52 yards on the ground 24/23 RBV.  and then Thomas Fishburne carried the ball 65 yards on a quarter back keeper for the final score and a 29/24 win for Steele Canyon.

Preview: Steele Canyon Cougars vs. Rancho Buena Vista Longhorns Friday September 18 at 7 P.M.

East and North face off this week as Steele Canyon Cougars (Spring Valley) travels to battle Rancho Buena Vista Longhorns (Vista) during week four this season.  

The Cougars (1 – 2) coming off a hard fought 25 – 24 loss against Granite Hills is hungry for another win.  With another week of experience under his belt will Sophomore QB Thomas Fishburne lead the Cougars to victory?

RBV (0 – 3) is also hungry coming off their road loss (31 – 21) at San Pascual.  Senior Offensive Tackle Pablo Quez and Senior Safety Randy Robbins will lead the Longhorn defense while Senior running back Dominic Taylor will try to fight his way to the end zone.

Will Rancho Buena Vista’s Longhorns see their first win of the season with their home crowd, or will the traveling Steele Canyon Cougars defeat the Longhorns and leave them with a 0 – 4 record? Find out by tuning in Friday night at 10:30. . . the Prep Pigskin Report.

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