Stephanie Kelly

Veteran Pig Stephanie Kelly returns to the PPR as the East County Game of the Week reporter.  As Kelly starts her eleventh season with the show, she will continue her many roles with the PPR including, but not limited to, “New Piggy Trainer” and “Silver Pigskin Gala Coordinator.”

A local herself, Kelly attended Poway High and then University of San Diego High School (now Cathedral Catholic). Her education continued at the University of San Diego, where in 2003 she earned a degree in Communications. When trying to find her way through college, this natural born competitor made the choice to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. “I love sports and I love to hear myself talk,” said Kelly, “so sports journalism just seemed like the natural fit.”

Kelly's path to the PPR started with an internship in the KUSI sports department, and her career was shaped early by the brilliant minds of Paul Rudy and Rick Willis.  “After two semesters of interning I joined the PPR for my first season. I knew immediately this was a show that I wanted to be a part of for as long as possible.”  Kelly believes the PPR is special because of the excitement it creates for everyone involved and the opportunities it brings to the community.

When Kelly is not running around the East County in her red jacket, you are likely to find her throwing golf clubs at a local golf course, cheering on the NC State Wolfpack and eagerly awaiting the debut of Tom Brady's latest hairstyle.


What are you looking forward to during this PPR season?

“I am very excited to work with my newest field producer, Kyle Gasner.  Last year I got to cover Kyle when he played QB at Santana High School and this year he is on my team! This is why the PPR is so great.  Former players can come back and work for us to pursue their broadcast careers. I just hope I don't regret it.  Kyle, don't make me bench you!”

What is your favorite team that you have covered?

“Although I love all of my East County schools equally, there have definitely been teams and seasons that stand out in my mind as exceptional. Helix is always an unquestionable powerhouse in the East County and their road to State was incredible last year.  However, there are definitely other teams that  have made some memorable runs to the playoffs (and even the Q) throughout the years. I love storybook teams who are able to do what they have never done before. Some that stand out are the 2006 El Capitan Vaqueros, the 2008 Valhalla Norsemen and last season's Santana Sultans. I think that these seasons stood out the way they did because they really spoke to what the heart of PPR is all about: communities coming together to support their schools and teams.”

What is your favorite PPR memory?

“I think I have the same answer for this every year. Hands down the 'Gala' is my all-time favorite memory (all of them, because I can't pick just one!). Each year we bring together hundreds of players, cheerleaders, mascots, bands, students, families and Pop Warner teams at the Hall of Champions in Balboa Park. The night is rich with fanfare – limos, décor, sparkling lights, the red carpet – all in celebration of the completion of another amazing high school football season. I am truly honored to coordinate and be a part of this very special evening.”

Why are you so excited to wear the Red Jacket each week?

“Aside from all of the compliments I get on its incredible style and flattering cut, I love donning the red jacket each week because I know that when I put that jacket on it is the start of a very special night. No matter the game, the schools or the outcome, I don't think I've ever had a bad night in that jacket! We always get to experience something special, whether it's a big upset win, a player's first career touchdown, or a hard fought rivalry game, a Friday night in the red jacket NEVER disappoints.  Oh yes, and the automatic VIP treatment at the snack bar definitely doesn't hurt.”

Twitter: @StephPPR

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