Steve Harvey meets with President-Elect Trump to discuss inner city issues

NEW YORK CITY (KUSI) — Comedian and "Family Feud" host, Steve Harvey, visited President-Elect Donald Trump Friday to discuss inner city issues, according to the New York Daily News. 

“We’re gonna team up and see if we can bring about some positive change in the inner cities, which I felt was my only agenda,” Harvey told reporters. “He agreed, and he wants to do something. And he realizes that he needs some allies in that department. He seemed really sincere about it.”

According to NY Daily News, Trump put Harvey in contact with Ben Carson, who could potentially fill the seat of Department of Housing and Urban Development under the Trump Administration.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Harvey was urged to meet with the president-elect by both Trump’s and Obama’s transition teams. 

" … it’s just me following orders from my friend President Obama who said ‘Steve, you’ve got to’ — as he told everybody — ‘get out from behind your computers, stop tweeting and texting and get out there and sit down and talk. So I stepped from behind my microphone and I came and talked to the guy that’s going to be the 45th president of the United States," Harvey said.

Harvey said it was an honor to be invited to talk with Trump and he’s ready for whatever they have planned.

“We had a great conversation. We’re gonna get some things started. They have a plan for the inner cities, but they need help. And so that’s why they called me. So, we’ll see what I can do.”

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