Storm bruin: How Megan’s five pitch firestorm took down the county

San Diego Community College District Student Athlete Spotlight

“Changeup, screwball, curve, rise and drop.”

For a woman that just dropped 16 Patriots in one game like it was a game of Connect Four, it’s that final pitch – the drop – where she hesitates. The only time she’ll hesitate all day.

“I’m working on my drop,” she says. “It’s not fully there yet.”

Tell that to the four teams Megan Faraimo no hit this year. Tell that to the four other teams she tossed a perfect game against.

Tell that to the teams she moved down to the tune of 20 games with 10 or more strikeouts.

Faraimo would prefer you don’t tell the other teams in the Pac-12. They’ll find out why the top pitcher in America is untouchable soon enough.


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