Strides taken to make Encanto neighborhood cleaner, safer


What if you had a house in your neighborhood that make up and the other neighbors feel unsafe? This is the kind of problem that affects our quality of life. Wednesday, a group of community members in Encanto assembled to ask the city to take action.
“We live here. We don't like to live around all this trash,” said Encanto neighborhood resident Rocky Drown.
Neighbors like Loretta and Rocky Drown want something done about a property down the street.
“You can't get in there. It's a maze,” said Loretta. “It's a maze of little compartments, little houses.”
Loretta and other community members joined council member Myrtle Cole on Wednesday to point out an address in Encanto.
“Look at it. It's horrid!” Exclaimed another resident.
A place that neighbors say had smelly, overflowing trash, abandoned sofas and mattresses as well as all kinds of visitors coming in and out at night. 
“(And) the drug deals, the constant parties they have here,” continued Loretta. “You see, we live a couple houses down. We have cameras and see 40 kids here at 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock at night going up and down the street.”
Cole says the city's code enforcement inspectors can cite the property owner for unsafe or unhealthful conditions.
“They're going to continue to enforce any violations that (were seen Wednesday), making sure that the areas are cleaned up,” promised council member Myrtle Cole upon inspection of the premises.
KUSI decided to pay a visit, but couldn't get past the gates. Loretta Drown says she stops many days at the driveway to clear out the overflowing trash herself.
“You said this pretty clean, compared to what you've seen. This is the cleanest I've seen it.”
“What we're trying to do, is try to beautify our neighborhoods,” said yet another concerned resident to Charlie, the property renter. “It's very, very important that other people around these types of places can live without being in fear.”
Several neighbors said they were scared by the dogs that roamed in the yard, and sometimes, out in the street.
“Dogs at least should have collars and I.D.s on them,” said Loretta.
Neighbors say they've complained before, but they say not enough has been done.
“(The dogs) are the two most lovable pits I've seen,” stated Charlie.
Charlie decided to let cameras to come inside to get a closer look. When KUSI went into the courtyard, it was void of clutter of junk and trash, and the dogs – both of them – were friendly. The dialogue between the neighbors, becoming almost as cordial. Charlie admits he'd like a good relationship between his renters and the neighbors down the street. He also says he wants to be more conscientious when it comes to his renters' trash and garbage.
“If you need help, let me know! I have guys that would come in and help,” chimed in Loretta.
Loretta and her husband say this conversation could be a good start in creating a cleaner, safer, more livable neighborhood. Late Wednesday afternoon, KUSI talked with the city's code enforcement unit and the director who says that action is being taken. At 333 Woodman, the visited property, the city has informed the owner that everyone on the site must leave because of continuing code violations. The owner of the adjacent properties at 335 and 337 is also being held accountable by the City Attorney's office.


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