Students learn about ‘blue tech’ industry aboard USS Midway

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — High school students throughout San Diego spent the day on the USS Midway Museum to learn about what is known as the “blue tech” industry.

It was quite the experience for about 300 other San Diego-area high school students — an opportunity to talk directly to innovators of ocean technology at San Diego Unified School District’s STEAM Leadership series aboard the USS Midway Museum.

Blue Robotics showed students a remotely-operated underwater vehicle that included an HD camera in front. The technology allowed students to get first-hand view of what it would be like to zip around underwater.

Students heard from several keynote speakers who talked about San Diego’s high tech and traditional ocean economy and were introduced to possible career opportunities.

High schoolers saw demonstrations of the latest ocean technology, like a robotic lifeguard named Emily.

“I’m looking forward to learning how the ship works,” student Dalila Ramirez said. “My father is in the navy so I find this interesting and stuff.”

Some were encouraged to look at STEAM careers.

“I would like to major in aerospace engineering in college,” student Hector Contreras said. 

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