Students speak out on November attempt to overturn bag ban

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Environmentally-conscious UC students from all over the state spent this week traveling from San Francisco to San Diego.

It’s spring break, but while these UC students are at the beach on Good Friday morning, they’re not partying. They’re getting out a message to the public through the media and they’ve brought along a large prop to make their point, an inflatable sea turtle representing marine life effected by plastic pollution in the ocean.

In 2014, the state banned single-use plastic bags. It was supposed to take effect in July of 2015, but out of state plastic bag manufacturers got it delayed by getting enough signatures to put a referendum on the 2016 ballot, a referendum that would overturn the ban.

This week, the students have taken their informational roadshow to California’s coast cities, concluding here in Pacific Beach.

Recently, a report by the World Economic Forum predicted that by 2050, there would be more plastic bags in the world’s oceans than fish and we’re learning the infamous garbage patch in the South Pacific, made up mostly of plastic, is now three times the size of Texas.

But the emphasis here is not just on plastic bag pollution. Voters are likely to find the referendum’s wording confusing. A ‘yes’ vote on the industry-led ballot measure would support the state’s plastic bag ban. It’s a ‘no’ vote that would overturn it.

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