Students upset with SDUSD’s hybrid in-person learning system

MISSION VALLEY (KUSI) – April 12 was a celebratory day for students who haven’t stepped foot into a physical classroom in well over a year. However, students who rallied outside the San Diego Education Association Tuesday said hybrid learning is presenting its own challenges. 

“Every morning at 9 a.m. the bell will ring and we go to our first class where we open our laptops and join our first period zoom,” Addison Basquez, a student at Day Portola Middle School, stepped viewers through her typical school day. “Then after that class is done, which is about an hour and 15 minutes, we go into our next class and do the same thing, then the next class and do the same thing.”

This new hybrid world is not just presenting challenges to students but also educators who have been forced to adapt their lesson plans and teaching styles to fulfill the needs of students both at school and in the classroom. 

Basquez said her largest in-person class is seven people, and her teacher seemed overwhelmed having to teach hybrid. 

The frustration surrounding San Diego Unified’s reopening plans was what brought not only students to rally, but also parents and teachers. Cecilia Iglesias, founder of the Parent Union who organized Tuesday’s rally, said it’s time for the district to do the right thing.

“What we want from the school board and teachers union is for them to stop getting in the business of dictating to parents and students of how many days are going to be in school,” Iglesias said.

For others like Ellen Nash, representing districts in Southeast San Diego, she called on the teachers union and SDUSD to do better about addressing inequities that some districts are experiencing.

“Our schools are in the red, our kids are not getting adequately educated even before COVID-19 and this is an opportunity,” Nash said. “SDEA and the SDUSD board need to make decisions in regard to district E students from an equity standpoint and not business as usual, our schools are not business as usual.”

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