Study finds most drivers too fearful to ride in self-driving cars, value safety improvements instead

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A report from AAA found that only 22% of drivers want manufacturers to develop self-driving vehicles.

A whopping 80% of drivers instead want vehicle manufacturers to focus their efforts on improving current vehicle safety systems such as automatic braking and lane keeping assistance.

Furthermore, 54% of drivers said they are too fearful about riding in a self-driving vehicle.

More than half, specifically 58% of people, want these safety features in their next vehicle.

The report’s findings indicate that currently drivers are open to the idea of more sophisticated vehicle technology, and if they provide positive experiences, it could open drivers up to self-driving vehicles.

Doug Shupe, Corporate Communications & Programs Manager at Auto Club of Southern California, joined KUSI to discuss the report’s findings and the region’s rising gas prices.

In regards to gas prices, Shupe explained that it is due in part to the recent weather conditions in the Southern United States.

Shupe advised KUSI viewers that the faster you’re driving, the more fuel you’re burning.

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