Special Report: Study highlights role of doctors in prescription drug deaths

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Two Southern California researchers are taking a new approach to studying the epidemic of deaths from prescription drugs.

They’re focusing on the role of the physician or health care provider who’s prescribing the drugs to the patient. At the center of the study is a letter from the San Diego Medical Examiner’s office, that told doctors that their patient’s death was caused by prescription drugs.

The researchers, Dr. Roneet Lev and Dr. Jason Doctor looked at prescription drug deaths over a 1 year period from 2015-2016 and identified the doctors who prescribed controlled drugs for those patients.

Half of the physician’s group received the death notice from the Medical Examiner, while the other half did not.

In this KUSI Special Report, we talk with the researchers about their groundbreaking study and how this may help doctors take a safer approach to prescribing opioids and other drugs.

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