Study shows San Diego ranking in growth and education

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A study released by the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp Thursday reported more than 72,000 people with college degrees moved to San Diego in 2014. 

The study also found that the area ranked second in the increasing number of young adults, ages 25 to 34, who hold college degrees.

However, the authors found that San Diego was eighth in the raw numbers of millennials with college degrees.

San Diego was compared to Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Denver, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle, which are similar in size and economic makeup.

"Across the country, many economic development agencies and policymakers are focused on attracting companies to their regions,” said Mary Walshok, dean of UC San Diego Extension and an adviser on the study.

"The research tells us that economic developers should be focused on attracting talent instead,” Walshok said. "The good news is that in San Diego, we are attracting some of the best scientific and tech minds in the country. When it comes to talent growth and attraction, we are punching way above our weight.”

San Diego offers several traits that younger, educated workers would find attractive, according to the EDC.

The region had the shortest commute times of its peer cities, lowest employee turnover in technology and scientific research and development, ranked first in the concentration of scientific R&D firms and employment, and second in R&D average annual pay, the report said.

The EDC study found that the San Diego area trails its peer cities in several measurements, including residents with advanced degrees, net migration, job growth and cost-of-living — particularly for housing.

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