Stuntmen rescue apparently drunk and suicidal woman

A group of stuntmen for a superhero movie being
promoted at Comic-Con rescued an apparently drunk and suicidal woman who had
climbed over the 14th-floor railing of an East Village high rise, a police
lieutenant said on Saturday.

San Diego police Lt. Kevin Mayer said the woman had been feeling
suicidal and had been drinking alcohol prior to her climb over the balcony at
the building at Eighth Avenue and Market Street about 2:45 p.m. Thursday.

A crowd of people formed below as the women clung to the edge, he said.

Three stuntmen from Los Angeles-based 911 Stunts who were working nearby
for an event to promote “Kick-Ass 2” took action, Mayer said. They scaled a
fence and asked a security guard for the woman's floor, then gained entry into
her residence, according to the lieutenant.

One of the stuntmen ran to the woman and grabbed her in a bear hug,
while the others strapped her into a harness, secured her and pulled her back
over, Mayer said.

U-T San Diego identified the stuntmen as Gregg Sargeant, Scott Schecter
and Amus Carver.

The woman was not injured, Mayer said. She was taken to UC San Diego
Medical Center for an evaluation.

Sargeant told U-T San Diego after the distraught woman collapsed in his
arms, that the rescue did not make him feel like a superhero.

“It's what we do everyday for stunts,” Sargeant told the publication.
“It happened so fast and we just responded.”

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