Sugar Sweet Farm is a family-run, organic hobby farm in Encinitas, California


ENCINITAS, CA (KUSI)- Sugar Sweet Farm is a family farm located in Encinitas California. It’s a place where family, friends, and children make memories that will last forever. One of the unique things Sugar Sweet Farm offers is, goat yoga.

KUSI’s, Kacey McKinnon attended a goat yoga class and spoke to some folks about why they love it so much.

Elizabeth and Sissy Sugarman run the farm together. The mother and daughter duo, is like any other. KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon was able to speak with Elizabeth and Sissy about their relationship and why they share their love for animals with the community.

Sugar Sweet Farm is a private farm and you must make an appointment online to attend one of their upcoming kids summer camp sessions or goat yoga.


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