Summer safety for dogs

Jason Austell met Jeff Franklin, Trainer and owner and CEO of Cobra Canine, and his dog Kara, to talk about summer safety for dogs and share his recent book, The Man Behind the United States Commando Dogs.

Jeff is the owner and CEO of Cobra Canine. He has dedicated over 22 years developing the finest training techniques for police dogs, tactical obedience, drug and explosive detection, tracking, personal protection, and pet obedience.

As a Canine expert, Jeff has trained over 4,000 dogs of most all breeds, including pets for civilian life. He has also trained hundreds of canine handlers across the United States in all walks of life. Jeff has trained hundreds of dogs for police and special operations, such as SWAT, ERT and Military units. He has sharpened his abilities by training in Europe, Iraq, Afghanistan, and both South and Central America.

Jeff has been responsible for training, certifying, and ensuring that police as well as military working dogs were ready to deploy in today’s theaters of operations. Jeff has been directly responsible for serving the needs of several large programs including the Department of State, Pentagon, US Customs, Algeria Anti-Terrorist unit, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador’s National Police and Government Palace and numerous U.S. Police Departments. Jeff has over ten years of real world experience as a police canine handler and trainer, and has seen firsthand results of his efforts.

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