Sup. Nathan Fletcher discusses how San Diego County can get off Gavin Newsom’s watchlist

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County has been on California’s watchlist for about three weeks now.

Tuesday, KUSI’s Lauren Phinney spoke with County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher to see if we are seeing positive results from the recent mandated closures, and what more we can do to get off of Newsom’s watchlist and allow our small business owners to reopen and continue operations before they are forced to permanently closed.

Phinney asked Fletcher if he has anything to say to the thousands of local business owners who have spent so much money changing operation styles in order to adhere to strict government regulation, only to be shutdown a second time. Fletcher responded saying this is the situation he wanted to avoid.

Supervisor Fletcher said San Diego County is using a variety of outreach programs to reach our younger population and adhere to the social distancing guidelines to “come together and follow the public health guidance.”  He explained, “my fear was that it was economically worse to reopen someone and then have to re-close them, then it would have been perhaps to go a little bit slower in the opening and have less opportunities for spread.”

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